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Cleaning your bathroom can be quite a task to undertake. But hiring a company to steam clean your bathroom in Peabody is a good thing to do if you insist on a germ free bathroom. Steam disinfects as it cleans because it kills any germs and bacteria with the heat of the steam and pressure. It gets into all the cracks and grout around your tiles, around and in the toilet and leaves you with a fresh smelling bathroom you will be happy to show off!



You have your carpets cleaned regularly, so why not add in some extra care for the bathroom? It will not only look and smell great, but all the germs we worry about, and mold will be gone! This method can also be applied in the kitchen area as well, but the benefit to a bathroom and your family’s health is amazing. The use of hot steam can not only kill bacteria, and viruses such as streptococcus, staphylococcus, E.Coli, Hepatitis A, the common cold and influenza. Steam does this NOT using harmful cleaners such as bleach or ammonia so it is safe for the family and pets. Using a steam cleaner on the bathroom floor will shine up a tile floor, and get in between the tiles where the grout is to kill the germs living there and you can reach places you can not clean normally like the back of the sink, underneath it the steam will reach toe corners you can not get with a mop or cloth! Your toilet will benefit, especially if you are in a hard water area and lime scale and calcium deposits are a problem.

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It also cleans soap scum and germs from the shower walls as well. Hiring a steam cleaner to clean your bathroom in Peabody is one of the wisest decisions you can make when you clean your carpets, add on the bathroom steam cleaning and your whole house will be amazing once we finish the job! There is nothing like a clean, germ free bathroom for your family! We can do the job for you, and clean your carpets as well. It is well worth the investment for your most expensive investment, your home! Our professionals will give you the cleaning you need for your home including a bathroom steam cleaning to leave you with that fresh shiny bathroom you have always wanted! You will reap the benefits of a healthier home which makes it more enjoyable for the whole family when you cut down in the germs they may encounter in your home. Our company services all of Peabody and beyond so give us a call and get healthy for the family and have a beautiful bathroom! Looking at your freshly steam cleaned bathroom and knowing you are contributing to the entire family’s health and well being by the simple act of a bathroom steam cleaning! Give us a call and our professionals can advise you on the pricing and exactly what is involved in the process.

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