Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The 5 Reasons to Outsource Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercialcarpetFor 25 years, Perfection Carpet Cleaning Services has been a leader in the Boston area for commercial carpet cleaning. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and doing the job right. With our competitive pricing, experienced technicians, and safe and effective cleaning methods, Perfection Carpet Cleaning is the right choice in commercial carpet cleaning.

Commercial carpets see more traffic than residential floors, and with the extra traffic, dirt, allergens, and mold can build up in carpet fibers. Having your carpets professionally cleaned not only extends the life of your carpeting, but it creates a healthier environment for employees and clients. Professional cleaning also removes unpleasant odors while creating a cleaner appearance to your entire office.

We Specialize In High Rise Apartments & Commercial Suites

We take care of your home or business as if it were our own. Our specialized equipment includes pressurized, portable units, which means no hoses hanging from windows or through open doors. Your home or business stays completely secured throughout the process.

commercialspacePerfection Carpet only hires the best technicians to care for your commercial carpeting. Working efficiently and professionally, they work to ensure that they use the correct methods and equipment to breathe new life into your floors. They strive to provide excellent customer service and do the job right.

Unlike some other carpet cleaning companies, Perfection only uses cleaning agents that are safe to use with no over spray so fixtures and products remain protected. They won’t leave any chemical residue and are safe for your staff and customers. Our cleaning methods get deep into carpet to clean all the way through, not just cleaning the surface of your carpets.

Contact Perfection Carpet Cleaners for your commercial carpet care needs. With customer service as our number one priority, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results and will ensure less sick days for you and your employees!

For residential carpet cleaning please see our residential carpet cleaning page.

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