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Check out Flame Stop. It is an additive that can be used to increase the fire retardant capabilities in many things like carpets, drapes, furniture and even paint! It protects your home or business by reducing fire risk and noxious fumes that can be lethal when the materials burn. Flame stop can be added to your carpets and furniture when you have it professionally cleaned. This will make your carpets and furnishings flame retardant, and less likely to burn should there be a fire on your property. Fabric fires will have toxic smoke as they burn, due to the synthetic properties in most fabrics and rugs today.

Flame stop will prevent most of the deaths caused by toxic inhalation.

In your home or in a hotel, flame stop could prevent hotel fires in North Andover by treating the fabric so it doesn’t burn. It can save lives and property. Flame stop will make most fabrics virtually fire proof! What better way to protect your family and belongings? This product is quite an addition for the safety of your family and belongings. Spray it on and let it dry and you are protected! Use a reputable company when contracting to get your home made safe for your family!  When you can add another layer of protection to your home or business by using this simple yet effective spray it is well worth it when you call for your cleaning, mention that you would also like to have your home safety proofed with Flame Stop. Our technicians will gladly help you get the information needed and set up your service call.  Something we take for granted, our homes and their relative fire safety can be helped immeasurably by using Flame Stop on the fabrics in your home, and may even be able to prevent a disaster if the fire self extinguishes. This product can save you thousands of dollars, and the LIVES of your family should you have a fire in the middle of the night.

Flame stop can be used virtually anywhere, home, office, Restaurants, Hotels, Assisted Living and many more applications where fire is a possibility.

It may not be able to completely stop a fire, but it will give plenty of time for the family to get safely out and for the emergency personnel to arrive.  There is nothing more important to the Andover residents than keeping family safe from hard, and this is a very good first step. North Andover’s motels will be much safer as well when Flame Stop is applied after a good professional cleaning. Give your cleaning professionals a call and talk to them about protecting your property with an extra layer of insurance by applying Flame Stop at your next cleaning appointment. They you can sleep with the security that your family and property are protected with every tool you have at your disposal! Protect your businesses and homes with Flame Stop and know you have done everything you can!

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