Scotchgard Carpet Protection


A new carpet is an amazing thing, new upholstery is up there on top too when you are enjoying your freshly decorated Swampscott home. You put a lot of time into consulting decorators and looking at more fabric than you would care to see for quite some time. Now the question is, how can I keep this considerable investment around for a few more years?  The answer is Scotchguard Carpet protection! This is a protectant that will help your carpet to resist stains from spills, and pet accidents and make picking them up easier when it makes the fabric spill resistant. Some carpets may arrive pre treated, but after you have it professionally cleaned, you will want to have your carpet cleaner refresh the Scotchguard to continue with the best protection level possible. It does add a step to the cleaning because it is added and then has to dry to be completely functional. There may also be a slight smell as the product dries do air out the house while it is drying to dissipate the smell. The same product is also used on furniture to protect it from spills and stains by offering some waterproofing once it is dry. Doing this will keep your carpets and furniture looking great for many years. Scotchguarding is a life saver when you have an active family with kids and pets that are always on the move! Your Swampscott home is meant to be enjoyed by your family, and it is good to add some insurance to your long term investment!



Scotchguarding your rug or furniture is similar the the Teflon in a pan. It protects from things sticking to the fabric while it is covered in Teflon; and it works to repel dirt, liquids and stains in the heaviest traffic areas in your home. This is quite an asset with today’s modern families and the seemingly endless traffic through the house. This will keep your rug looking good, only replacing it in the busiest spots when it may become worn away from use. Imagine the fun get togethers will be when you know that no matter what lands on the rug, there is an excellent chance it isn’t going to stay there! If you enjoy entertaining, this will be a big plus for your home activities. Commercial carpet can also be treated with Scotchguard to keep them looking good through the punishment of the foot traffic. This product will not make the carpet resistant to dirt, it will still get dirty, but a good vacuum cleaner will be able to pick up more of the dirt because it isn’t going to stick to the fibers, but instead will be sucked up into the vacuum. With some common sense and scheduled cleanings your rug will stay looking good for many years in your Marblehead office or home. You will be satisfied in knowing you now have a long wearing, dirt resistant carpet you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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